You Came. You Saw. You Conquered.

So many troubling thoughts plague us throughout our days. What if I fail, whose going to stand with me, how am I going to pay that bill, what if I get sick, what’s going to happen to my kids (my parents)…and the list goes on and on!

So, stop a moment. Breathe deeply. Inhale. Expand your lungs, count to 4 then exhale. Ahhhh! The calmness begins to set in. Don’t ever beat yourself up over these fleeting thoughts. Instead realize that it’s only human nature and is bound to happen!

There is always an “off button” where you can fact-check your anxieties to determine if this “problem” is worth your time and then react accordingly. You’ll be glad to know that research has found roughly 85% of the things we worry about never even happen! Isn’t that great news!

So, today perhaps it’s time to make a mental shift. Remind yourself of some good times. Replay those special moments like walking on the beach with your loved one, finding that great bargain while shopping, watching your child ride their bike without training wheels or going fishing. Learn to develop a sound mind and a warrior mindset…a mindset that is willing and determined to focus on the good. Look at the glass half full instead of half empty and get off the self-making “crazy train”!

Being grateful and counting your blessings is one euphoric way to feel joy! So whenever the “crazy train” stays too long and sounds the alarm remind yourself to be grateful and count your blessings for even the little things in life! They add up quickly especially if you say them out loud or write them down in a journal! Grateful people become happier people!

Among so many people and things in my life, one other thing that has brought me joy is Lickety Klip. I can finally X off the frustration of getting holes in my tops!  It seemed like every time I bought a new T-shirt within just a day or two there were tiny holes in it!  After realizing, the bulk of the hardware on my jeans and the friction of the nub-rub against my shirt was the culprit, I was determined to fix the T-shirt and holes dilemma once and for all!

Looking at the glass half full birthed the Lickety Klip. By simply slipping it over the curled-out button tab of your jeans, you will conquer the holes in your tops and create a sleek silhouette. No holes, no bulk, no belt AND no worries! I am so grateful for this little “crazy train” opportunity because wearing my Lickety Klip has brought me joy everyday as I’m sure it will for you too!  Plus they come in four different colors. 😉

“You came. You saw. You conquered.”…Now get up and conquer those tiny holes by ordering your Lickety Klip today!