Soar Like An Eagle

Just for fun last month in preparation for the 4th of July celebration I decided to pick an image to conjure up my meaning of Independence Day. While others celebrated with fireworks and family picnics I focused on our history and why we celebrate.  This is not a history lesson so no worries…keep reading.  This is about the eagle, the bald eagle, our National emblem.  I became strangely attached to this magnificent bird!  It was chosen as our national emblem not only because of its majestic look but because of its longevity and great strength.


The eagle represents freedom.  With wings wide spread it glides into valleys and soars upwards into the wild blue yonder.  It’s a beautiful sight and sound you hear when you’re lucky enough to witness one taking off!  It made me wonder how that would feel and look like, an eagle’s eye view of the world from above. How liberating that would be.


Did you know that mother Eagle drops her baby eagles from the sky when it’s time to leave the nest?  From their nest high up in a tree or from a wondrous cliff she teaches them to fly.  After providing a cozy nest with her own plucked feathers and father eagles hunting provisions, there comes a time to set their offspring free.  Of course momma eagle always catches the baby before it lands on the ground.  She spreads her wings to catch them and carries them on her pinions until they learn to fly.


The baby eagle just found freedom, soaring high on potential and strength.  Using thermal currents this majestic creature soars high above perilous storms and flies with little effort.  What would my life look like if I were soaring majestically through it, like an eagle?  I can hope, I can dream and I can persevere. So can you, so can this country.  So Happy Independence Day, it’s not just a one day celebration of freedom. It’s a journey, a lifetime of soaring like an eagle.  I love my national emblem!

P.S. – Lickety Klip is proudly made in America. 🙂