Saving Your Shirts And Tops From Holes Equals BIG Savings For The New Year

Hey you, yes you!  How’s it going with your 2015 resolutions?  We at Lickety Klip have found that 92% of people don’t stick to their resolutions. Maybe your goals were too vague, you set too many, or your friends didn’t support your goals. Perhaps you feel shame or guilt which is not a motivator either!  New Year’s resolutions are a great way to achieve a form of self-improvement or to get involved in something we are passionate about.  However, self-discipline is a major key here and it starts with a decision!

Being a stay at home mom, my resolution has been the same for several years. I want to help my family save money! It’s my passion and was a great decision. It’s a challenge, but it makes me feel like a champion every time I find a way to hang on to more of our hard earned cash! Ka-ching!
So, with that being said I want to remind you that you can extend the life of your T-shirts, tops, tees, etc. by using the Lickety Klip.  Now you can quit ruining perfectly nice tops with this instant slip on solution eliminating holes and bulk!  The multi-solution accessory keeps the nub-rub from creating those tiny holes in your favorite top.  Ka-ching! No more holes and no reason to buy another top!
Fashion is important to me. I don’t like the holes in my shirts or the bulk caused by the jean tab.  I enjoy saving money and having a perfectly flat silhouette while wearing the Lickety Klip, which allows my shirts to flow freely without friction rubbing tiny holes!  I want to encourage you, if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to save money then I invite you to try this out…it’s the little gift that keeps on giving. Ka-ching!  I no longer get holes in my tops and neither will you when you simply wear the Lickety Klip over your button-tab!  No more holes means lots of savings and more money in your pocket! Ka-ching!  I like that! A real solution for your New Year’s Resolution…Happy 2015 and happy savings to you!