The “Hole” Story

When life hands you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.
When the button tab on her jeans rubbed a hole in Jessica Dighton’s top, she
flipped her lid—and then she and her husband, Tony, invented Lickety Klip®.

That’s Klip with a “K,”
and it’s the only fashionable way to eliminate annoying holes in shirts, tops and blouses. Read on for the “hole” story of how a housewife from Orlando went from mom to momtrepreneur with the help of her lawfully wedded business partner

“Augh, holes!”
One day Jessica discovers there’s a hole in her life.

Where do they come from?
She replaced the top, only to discover another hole. And again, with the same result. The holes were coming in as little as a single wearing.

Nub rub
She and Tony put their heads together and came up with the answer. The nub on the button tab on Jessica’s jeans had curled out and was rubbing holes in her tops.

Bonus: No bulk.
They worked together to fashion something unique and special that would not only stop holes, but would eliminate the unsightly bulk of a curled button tab—a problem that has plagued mankind since the dawn of the Denim Age.

Lickety Klip was born!
Sorry holes!
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Made from non-toxic polymer,
and embossed with the superhero symbol that will soon be known to hole fighters throughout the world. The patent pending Lickety Klip® comes in 4 fun colors.

Now that you know The “Hole” Story, we hope you will join us
in our fight for truth, justice, and hole-free fashion. Join the movement.
Order your Lickety Klip® today.