It Was Unanimous At The Southern Women’s Show – Bulky Button Tab Has To Go

As an exhibitor for the first time at the 24th Annual Southern Women’s Show, I was able to meet and talk with so many lovely ladies who shared their hatred over a common fashion mishap we most all have.

That darn bulky, jean button-tab or mini finger pointing and poking through our shirts!


Bulk From Button Tab Causing Nub Rub


You could be strutting a brand new top and have it nicely paired with your most beloved pair of jeans and still have this fashion whoopsie! So many of us women at the Southern Women’s Show, related and laughed over how hideous this look really was and how often we did our best to ignore it even though the reality was, it was quite embarrassing! Well, I wasn’t able to put up with this look and I wasn’t about to change my complete style either so I co-founded the only slip-on solution – Lickety Klip!

Womens Fashion Accessories-Lickety Klip-Brown

Just slip Lickety Klip over the button-tab of your jeans to quickly hide unsightly jean junk and instantly streamline any outfit without the embarrassment. I can personally tell you with Lickety Klip, my style is more complete and I feel more put together without any unwanted guests. 😉



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