Hello Lickety Klip, Good-bye Holes

Holes in your favorite top? Where do they come from? Friction. If you wear your tops untucked, the friction of the button tab on your jeans rubbing against the fabric can ruin your clothes. And that can ruin your whole day. Introducing Lickety Klip, the easy and stylish way to prevent holes in tops and shirts.   Just slip Lickety Klip over the button tab of your jeans and no more holes. What’s more, Lickety Klip’s patent pending design creates a smooth flat surface that serves to reduce the unsightly bulk of a curled button tab or the bulge of a belt. Lickety Klip is made in America from a non-toxic polymer. It has also been shown to be effective at reducing irritation for those who suffer from a sensitivity to the nickel alloy used in jean buttons. Lickety Klip comes in four fun colors and is available for a fraction of what you would pay to replace a damaged top. No holes. No bulk. No belt. One klip. Lickety Klip. Get Your’s Today!