Hello Lickety Klip, Good Bye to Tiny Holes in Shirts and Tops

Have you ever noticed the little holes in your t-shirts between the bottom area of your shirt and belly button? If so, you will notice all the holes seem to accumulate in just that one area. And are you tired of ruining all your shirts and tops, replacing them only to find more holes sometimes even after just one wear? Well, we feel your pain and can’t tell you how many times we have had our best tops ruined by tiny holes.


Do you even know how these pesky holes seem to appear out of nowhere? The holes come from the continuous rubbing of the jeans button-tab and its hardware against delicate garments. Try sandwiching your shirt between the rigid jean hardware and another tough surface (ie. counter tops, desks and even seatbelts). Add friction. And voilà…a hole!


Well, no longer do you have to worry about getting tiny holes. The “hole” issue has been thoroughly investigated and now there is a solution, Lickety Klip! Lickety Klip is the advanced slip-on solution that prevents tiny holes! It is super easy to use and only takes seconds to stop the holes before they even start! No need to take various steps including masking tape and ironing on a backing to every shirt you own to rid the annoying holes when now there is an instant slip-on solution!


No need to wear an apron all day either to prevent these pesky holes! Heck, no! You have style so why cover it up? Lickety Klip comes in 4 fashionable colors, (black, brown, navy and white) to coordinate with any outfit. So now you can go about your everyday life without ever having to worry about getting another hole again! Nor do have to be fearful of countertops! (Is there a phobia for that?)


So there you have it, the problem, the culprit and the solution! Head over to licketyklip.com and get yours today for a fraction of what you would pay to replace another damaged top! No holes, No bulk, No belt…One Klip. Lickety Klip!