Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

So we’ve recently set our clocks forward with the onset of spring “gaining” an additional hour of daylight!  It’s so wonderful to have that extra time to enjoy this special time of year.  Buds are popping out all over the trees, Flowers are blooming. There’s a scent of freshly mowed grass and everyone seems to be in a good mood.

The first holiday of this New Year is EASTER and a time of family gatherings and celebration! It’s also time to begin planning a good spring cleaning before company arrives and before it gets too hot!
I like to get organized in my home first.  Clearing away items from tabletops and counters and putting them where they belong!  Then addressing much of the accumulated paperwork and tossing and filing it appropriately. This is also the time of year I think about donating items I haven’t needed or used since last spring, so I begin sorting into various boxes and bags.

I save my closet for last, as I regroup and sort my clothes by colors I begin to look at many of my t-shirts and tops inspecting them for stains and holes.  Holes I used to get from the hardware of my jeans caused by the friction of movement!  To my continued amazement I realize there are NO HOLES.  I don’t need to get rid of any of my favorite tops this year thanks to the Lickety Klip I’ve been wearing habitually!  It really does solve the “tiny holes in shirt” problem. I no longer get holes, plus the slip-over solution also creates less bulk and an attractive silhouette!  Thank goodness, I don’t need to shop for new tops this season, less tops in the donation box is not a bad thing!

With the de cluttering now done I can move on to my routine housecleaning; dusting, vacuuming, mopping and bathroom cleaning.  But since it’s “spring cleaning” I do a little extra, cleaning the hard to reach places like behind and underneath furniture, cleaning baseboard and corners, wiping fingerprints off walls and dusting ceiling fans!  I also schedule to have our carpets cleaned a week prior to EASTER so they will be fresh for the kids to sit on as they go through their EASTER baskets eating chocolate bunnies and eggs!

Mind you this does not all get accomplished in one day!  It’s a process, but a good one!  Once I get started there’s no stopping me until every room in the house is clean!  It’s such a good feeling!  With that all behind me I can begin to relax and enjoy planning our Easter celebration.

Spring is such a good motivator for my annual “spring cleaning”!  From the de cluttering to the cleaning it’s an annual necessity.  Speaking of necessity, remember if you want to save your tops from getting those tiny holes then be sure to slip our Lickety Klip over your “nub-rub” or all that junky hardware holding your jeans up.  If you’re like me you love your Tees and can find a much better way to spend your hard earned money.

So, Happy Easter, Happy Spring and happy every Lickety Klip thing!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Krigsner Natural Light Photography