About Holes In Shirts And Tops

The Problem

If you’re familiar with small or tiny holes appearing in the front of your favorite shirt or top, sometimes even after just a few wears, then you’ve probably gotten pretty annoyed and frustrated just like I did.


Tiny Holes In My Shirts

I was so sick and tired of replacing my shirts all of the time and wasting hard earned money!


Holes In My Tops

The Cause Of The Problem

When I started to investigate the cause, I found lots of people online who were having the same issue and there were many discussions and theories on the cause but nobody seemed to really know for sure.

Well, my husband and I discovered and verified the true cause…we refer to it as “Nub Rub”.

Basically, it’s the friction of the button tab of your jeans or pants. Just at the top corner above the button, a little “Nub” sticks out. The friction of this nub, rubbing against the inside of your shirt material wears tiny holes through it over time, and the thinner the shirt material and the more rigid the nub, the quicker this process happens. Another culprit is the hardware from the button tab of jeans, which too can stick out creating an ever so slight edge and quickly rubs through causing another tiny hole. Hardware incident holes most commonly occur when leaning against hard surfaces such as counter tops.




Already annoyed by the nub ruining my clothes, it was also making my tight fitting shirts and tops look hideous by its ridiculous tip poking through. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go out shopping just to spend money. I go out shopping to find cute tops to make me feel and look sexy and to complete an outfit. The little protrusion or what we call “Nub” just looks like heck and will never make you feel sexy. Try putting on a belt to fix the “Nub” issue and now you have a bulk issue from the bulge of the belt!




I wasn’t willing to settle for either of those looks, and neither should you.

I was bound and determined to come up with a solution to prevent the “Nub” from ruining my shirts and tops!

After putting our heads together my husband and I came up with…


The Only Instant Slip-On Solution


We proto-typed and tested several designs and finally came up with the one and only

Lickety Klip…No Holes, No Bulk, No Belt!

Just after wearing and testing my first proto-type, I never had another hole in my top again and I, Jessica Dighton, personally guarantee you won’t either!




Made from non-toxic polymers and nickel free material, the patent pending Lickety Klip® is available in 4 fun colors for every day wear and is made right here in the U.S.A.


Imagine...never having to worry about ruining your shirts and tops ever again from that dreaded nub!



Remember that unsightly “nub” sticking out…GONE!



The extra big bulge from the belt…it’s GONE as well.



So if you’re tired of wasting your hard earned money on nice shirts and tops, just to have them ruined…

…or if you’re sick of looking in the mirror and seeing that unsightly bulge that always happens when you wear those cute fitting tops, then there is only one thing left to do.

Get the ONLY slip-on solution that works instantly and is guaranteed to get rid of the “Nub Rub Blues”.

Imagine yourself never having to deal with holes in shirts and tops ever again!


So end your frustrations and join the revolution for “Hole Free Fashion”, click here now.